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Two new preprints out on the arXiv

We have recently posted two new papers to the arXiv:

  • Raman Spectroscopy and Aging of the Low-Loss Ferrimagnet Vanadium Tetracyanoethylene” by H. F. H. Cheung, M. Chilcote, H. Yusuf, D. S. Cormode, Y. Shi, M. E. Flatté, E. Johnston-Halperin, and G. D. Fuchs.  Here we use Raman spectrocopy correlated with ferromagnetic resonance and SQUID magnetometry to understand the processes that lead to chemical breakdown of the low-loss ferrimagnet V[TCNE]2.  This material is exciting for coherent magnonics and quantum magnonics (see some ideas discussed here).
  • Nanoscale magnetization and current imaging using scanning-probe magneto-thermal microscopy” by Chi Zhang, Jason M. Bartell, Jonathan C. Karsch, Isaiah Gray, and Gregory D. Fuchs.  Here we demonstrate a near-field scanning magneto-thermal microscope.  This instrument can image both magnetization and current density with 100 nm scale spatial resolution and sub-100 ps scale temporal resolution.  This is exciting because there is a dearth of magnetic microscopies that combine these two capabilities, and the ones that exist are mainly beamline techniques.  Our approach is a table-top microscopy and comparably low cost.

Congratulations Dr. Chen!

Congratulations to Dr. Huiyao Chen for successfully defending his thesis, “Quantum Acoustic Control of Diamond Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers.”